About Us

Here at Harvest Salad & Soup, we insist that all food have to be made from scratch to be answerable to our health-conscious consumers. Knowing that many worry the fattening dressings on top of salad, we offer guilt-free dressings built based on low and non-fat yogurt.


Healthy food can be tasty food. In order to ensure that, we put in time and effort by utilising sous vide technique in our proteins. This allows the protein to soak up all the marinates during the cooking process but remains ever tender. It is then finished with a flame torch for an extra aroma.

Beside our dressings, the soup of the day is also crafted from scratch to allow full control on the ingredients and its flavour. Together with the freshest greens available, we aim to served a healthy yet soul-fulfilling meal to you.

Super Health Food